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Healthy Heart Diet

The relationship between diet and heart disease has been the focus of much debate and scientific research for over a century. Many foods and various diet patterns have fallen in and out of favor almost in keeping with the change of seasons. With each new headline, manufacturers have responded with new products, from fat–free egg substitutes, omega–3 enriched eggs, cholesterol–free margarine to calcium–fortified spreads. If you find yourself a bit confused about what to eat as you read the headlines, you are not alone.

Salt & Your Heart

It is important to have a proper balance of salt (sodium chloride) in one’s diet. Sodium, which is 40 percent of salt, is essential to life because it regulates the fluid balance of cells and plasma. Too little sodium in the body can result in dehydration because the cells are unable to retain water. On the other hand, too much sodium in one’s diet from salty foods may increase the risk of high blood pressure.

Women & Heart

While two-third of working women suffer from lifestyle diseases, 53 per cent of them skip meals and go for junk food due to work pressure and deadlines.